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Brief History

Wah Yan College Cats was founded in 1993 since a black cat, Mr. M, appeared in our school. Some teachers and students plus a few Cathoics coming to attend the Mass ans fed Mr. M, and so it stayed and lived in our school.

After that, some other cats came, but they only stayed for a short period. When "Fatty" & "Beauty" appeared at Wah Yan Canteen, more and more students joined our team.

There are six cats in the school now, they are:

Students who join our team have the responsibility to take care of the cats. Not only giving them food, but also help to spraed the idea of "respect the animals". Sometimes, we need to bring our cats to animal clinic for a medical check-up.

Please email us at alextsang@wahyan.edu.hk if you have any comments
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